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About Us

Welcome to the Webpage of the Family Center «Family & Education»!

Mission statement: every child is a genious, we are helping to open it in children, by combining parental care and professional skills of our teachers.

Vision statement: through the game - to the knowledge!

Values statement of the Family Center «Family & Education»:

- Providing favorable conditions for the development of all children, gifted, talanted and those who need remedial support.

- Providing a model for quality children care.

- Supporting to maintain identity in different circumstances.

- Laying the conceptual baggage of knowledge and then children will be learning successfully in schools and universities.

- Providing a psychologically comfortable environment for development and learning for all children and adults.

- Providing an opportunity for self-development to our employees, parents and self-help in professional activities for children of 17 years and young professionals.

Teachers at the Family Center «Family & Education» are doing their best to create conditions that promotes the formation of the individual child and adult.

The uniqueness of our Family Center «Family & Education» is not trying to teach and educate. 

We are playing games? Having fun and just relax with yours and ours kids. We are just giving love and warmth! We are helping to open your child’s talents, support and understand them! We are helping to study by there own.  

The Family Center «Family & Education» we do not create kids cleverer – they have already came smart to us! Yes, your child is already greatest!

The Family Center «Family & Education» combines all the best features of traditional Ukrainian family and educational achievements of foreign experts.

We speak Ukrainian or other languages ​​of the world!

Parents are happy to join the interesting events in the Family Center «Family & Education».

We are teaching children to communicate to each other and with teens, making various workshops and trainings for children or adults, proposing babysitting services in Kiev, also it is a private kindergarten in Kiev.

Come visit us! We invite you to visit us and see for yourself what makes us special.



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